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'List' Songs

'List Songs' - Here are some lists of songs about a particular subject.

I can get a bit sad about creating these lists.

However, there are some rules - I have to actually LIKE the song AND it has to be GOOD enough to get on the list.

Some of these lists are still in their early days!

Space Songs:

Space race is over – billy bragg

Another Girl another planet – only ones

Set the controls for the heart of the sun - Pink Floyd

Space Oddity - David Bowie

Starman – David Bowie

Rocket Man – Elton John

Space – Pulp

A Trip Into Space - Spearmint

Ballboy - A Day In Space

All Seeing I (Featuring Phil Oakey) - 1st Man In Space

Astromine Domine - Pink Floyd

The Moon and The Mothership - Animals That Swim

Drinking Songs:

Junkyard - Blooze

Love/Hate - One More Round

Love/Hate - Fuel To Run

Child's Play - My Bottle

The Dogs d'amour - Back On The Juice

The Dogs d'amour - Satellite Kid

Bad Manners - Special Brew

The 4 Of Us - She Hits Me

Hardcore Superstar - Last Call For Alcohol

Vampire Songs

The Vampire Song - Concrete Blonde (The Extended version is even better!)

I Love The Night (The Ecstasy Of Flight) - Chris De Burgh

Vampire - L.A. Guns (not necessarilly about vampires per se, but a great song)

Vampires Will Never Hurt You - My Chemical Romance

Dressed Up Vamp - Bang Tango



January's Little Joke - Trash Can Sinatras

14th of February - Billy Bragg


Sometimes It Snows In April - Prince

April Skies - The Jesus & Mary Chain



July - Mundy

August & Everyting After - Counting Crows

September - Swim

September - David Sylvian

Lucy September - The Dream Academy

October - A-Ha

October Symphony - Pet Shop Boys

5th Of November - Carter The Unstoppable Sex machine

A Long December - Counting Crows


Summer Songs


The Barracudas - Summer Fun

Buffalo Tom - Summer

The Undertones - Here Comes The Summer

Fun Boy Three - Summertime

Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Summertime

Don Henley - Boys Of Summer

The Ataris - Boys Of Summer

Street Songs - (to come)

Suicide songs

Spoken songs -

(They have to be spoken throughout, I allow the ODD bit of singing, even a chorus, but they have to be basically the majority spoken):


A House – Endless Art

A House – Why ME?!

All seeing i – First Man in space

Animals That Swim

Arab Strap – Weekend never starts

Arab Strap – New Bird

At the drive in – Dead Letter department

Ballboy – A day in space

Belle & Sebastian -

Billy Bragg – Walk away renee

Black Box Recorder – Child Psychology

Blameless - Nan

Blumfeld – Verstaaker

Bruce Cockburn – Youv’e Never Seen Everything

Bruce Cockburn – Use Me While You Can

Bruce Cockburn - Charity Of Night

Deacon Blue _ Let your hearts be Troubled

Disposable Heroes – Music And Politics

Dogs d’amour – Heading for the target of insanity

Dogs d’amour – Hard To leave this world

Drive By Truckers – World of Hurt

Fish -

Glasvegas – Stabbed

Groove Corporation – World of Twist & Turn

It’s Immaterial – Driving Away From Home

John Cooper Clark – Beasley Street

Jonathan Richman - Twilight In Boston

Levellers - Dance Before The Storm

Lords Of The New Church - Dreams And Desires

Matthew Good Band – Every Name Is

Paul Weller - God

Plastic Gator Music - Letters From The Inside

Police – Be my girl (sally)

Prolapse – Burgundy Spine

Prolapse - Chill Blues

Rage Against The Machine – Hadda Be playing on the Jukebox

REM – Belong

Richmond Fontaine -

Shangri las – past present Future

Sonic Youth - Tunic

Spearmint – First Time Music  

Spearmint -

U2 – Walk to the water

Vowel Movement - Las Vegas

Wah – Talking Blues

Warrior Soul – 4 More years

Warrior Soul/Kory Clarke -

Whipping Boy – When we were young 2

Whipping boy – a natural

Wheat – That’s exactly what i

Whistler -

Happiest Songs:

Zumpano - I Dig You

Things Of Stone & Wood - Happy Birthday Helen

The Proclaimers - Then I Met You

29 Palms - Mad To be Saved

Mundy Pardon Me (Single version)

Pele - Fair Blows The Wind For France

Brainpool - Every Day

The Canyskins - Wembley

60ft Dolls - Hair (single version)

Jellyfish - Baby's Coming Back

Bon Jovi - 99 In The Shade

Queen - Don't Stop Me Now

Songs that sample the Shipping Forecast:

Justin Sullivan - Ocean Rising

Tears For Fears - Pharaohs

Andy White - The Whole Love Story

The Young Punx - Rockall

Thomas Dolby - Windpower

Rob Overseer - Heligoland

Beck - The Horrible Fanfare, Landslide, Exoskeleton

Rapoon - Falling More Slowly

New Model Army - Ocean Rising

Lolita Songs - (seemed to be a fascination amongst 80's "Hair" Metal!):


Travis - U16 Girls

Extreme - Little Girls

Love/Hate - Rock Queen

Vain - Laws Against Love

Winger - Seventeen

The Boomtown Rats - Mary Of The 4th Form

The Police - Don't Stand So Close To Me