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Songs I Couldn't Live Without

Just listen to the words!! - my favourite lyricists


Justin Sullivan (New Model Army & solo)

Justin Currie (del Amitri & solo)

Tyla (The Dogs d'amour & solo)

Bruce Springsteen

Billy Bragg

Frank Turner

Greg Arnold (Things Of Stone And Wood & solo)

Darren Hayman (Hefner, many others & solo)

Sailor town

Cop Shoot Cop - Room 429 - An extremely dark and foreboding song (with a Tears For Fears sample?)

China Drum - Biscuit Barrel (acoustic) - I prefer this acoustic version, same intensity, clearer lyrics

Jackson Browne - The Road - This is a cover, but it is beautiful and poignant (& recorded live)

Playing At Trains - Lust - An unreleased piano lead demo , the band became The Cygnet Ring

This Picture - Naked Rain - a beautiful sweeping song: think Hothouse Flowers, James & Waterboys and lots of violins/fiddles

Things Of Stone & Wood - Happy Birthday Helen - The most uplifting lovesong you'll hear, ever.

Tool - Sober - A Dark, disturbing, and menacing song. Still not sure what it's about.

Jutin Currie - No Surrender - A follow up to Nothing Ever Happens? Another rant about Society? Very wordy but pretty spot on lyrically.

The Dream Academy - The Party (acoustic) - Far better than the album version - this lays his emotions raw.

Pearl Jam - Crazy Mary - Written by Victoria Williams (who guests on the track), "sometimes what you fear the most can meet you halfway"

Things Of Stone & Wood - Beautiful Wonderful - A love song/story recorded live with a violin and acoustic guitars

David Bowie - John I'm Only Dancing ("Singles" version) - Far Better than the other (two?) versions, much more danceable.

REM - Losing My Religion - I know everyone knows this song, but let's not be musical snobs!! Proof that wierd stuff can be popular.

Energy Orchard - Sailortown - Saved and scarred me during my teenage years. About escaping your hometown and unrequited love.

Jimmy Eat World - Big Casino - Don't know what it is about this song - uplifting and poignant at the same time.

The Catchers - Cotton Dress - The album version (from 'Mute') as opposed to the early EP version. Some dark, dark imagery wrapped up in an alternative pop song

Frank Turner - I Am Disappeared - Raises the hairs on the back of my kneck. His songwriting has really evolved fantastically into this Springsteen-esque, punk influenced, emotional rollercoaster.