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Recommended Books

Finished reading the INXS Official Autobiography, and it is surprisingly good. An honest account of the band that does not shy away from the debauchery of the band nor their very hard work - recommended.


White Powder Black Vinyl will open your eyes as to how the music really works (or worked) and is a great read.

The Midge Ure and Steve Strange autobiographies are very good even if you are not a big fan of their music.

But the Julian Cope books are highly recommended - I am not a big fan of his music, but the books are fabulous. I read them having read Bill Drummond's book - that is also wierd but wonderful!


The Progressive Patriot book is recommended to anyone who wants to know about English history. It is not high brow nor is it dumbed down. It is an intelligent view on who we area as a nation and why, seen through Billy Bragg's family members and place of birth in particular. But is not dull and it is not really about Billy Bragg or his politics.


I have also read all the books listed below and they are all recommended. All are far better than some of the dross out their on the market. But don't just believe me, read the reviews on Amazon.


Last Shop Standing is very informative, explaining exactly why record shops are disappearing. But it is also full of humouress stories and anecdotes. Highly recommended!