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"Metal" - This page is Hard Rock, Heavy Rock, AOR, 80's, "Hair" etc..

My favourite "metal" albums:


Vain - No Respect

White Lion - Pride

Bon Jovi - Slippery When Wet

Bonfire - Point Blank

Faster Pussycat - Faster Pussycat

Guns N Roses - Appetite for Destruction

The Dogs d'amour - (Un)authorised Bootleg

Love/Hate - Blackout In The Red Room

Marillion - Clutching At Straws

Aerosmith - Permanent Vacation

Black Crowes - Shake Your Moneymaker

Enuff Z Nuff - Strength

Pretty Boy Floyd - Leather Boys With Electric Toys

Racer X - Second Heat

Little Caesar  - S/T

Saigon Kick - S/T

Poison - Flesh & Blood

L.A. Guns - s/t

Company Of Wolves - s/t



And then the ones worth finding:

Shotgun Messiah -

Child's Play - S/T

Electric Angels -

Big House - S/T

Babylon AD - S/T

Cinderella - Long Cold Winter

The Royal Court Of China - Geared & Primed

Lillian Axe - Love + War

Smashed Gladys - Social Intercourse

Rock City Angels - Young Man's Blues

12" remixes (to come)

White Lion - Wait (extended)

King Swamp - Is This Live? (12" remix)

Electric Boys -

Faith No More -

Gun - Better Days (Extended Remix)

Unreleased albums -

finally made available:


Rock City Angels - Midnight Confessions (demos for what would have been their 2nd album)


Kingofthehill - Unreleased (finally released in 2005 this would have been their 2nd album)


Vain - All Those Strangers (finally released in 2010, this should have been their 2nd album)


Junkyard - Joker and XXX

- two albums of demos that would have been albums 3 and 4.


Jet Red - 2nd album available on Sun City Records



Unreleased albums - not yet available


Bad Englsh

Electric Angels

Bands That Sold Out To Grunge & other genres: (Some of them later repented)


Wildside (Grunge 2nd album)

Kik Tracee (Grunge 2nd mini album)

Asphalt Ballet (Grunge 2nd album)

Shotgun Messiah (Industrial - 3rd album (but quite good!))

Sven Gali (Grunge 2nd album)

Bon Jovi (went Mainstream after New Jersey)

Metallica (Grunge/Alternative - they slowed down!)

Testament (They followed)

Xentrix (So did they)

Mindfunk (went Grunge and lost their menace)

Trixter (have you heard Undercovers? Awful)

A Plea:

 Has anyone any information about a band called D.Rose or maybe Derose, De Rose or even Deerose?

They were on  The Friday Rock Show  - In Session around 1987/88/89?

The songs they did were: "To Be Content", "D.Rose", Step Into My Living Room" and  "Can You Feel It" . They MIGHT have been French - judging by a lyric. Not that they sound French. they are more like Company Of Wolves mixed with The Dogs d'amour. Cheers.

Coming Soon:

The best little known songs that British bands added to Metal, featuring:

Dirty Tryx, Smashed, FM, No Sweat, Briar, Broken English, The Grip, Sweet Addiction, Gun, Shy, Lixx, Cry Wolf, First Strike, Thunder, Skin, Jagged Edge, Cheap & Nasty, Heartbreak Angels, The Dogs d'amour, Zodiac Mindwarp, Tigertailz, Dawn After Dark, Horse (London), Red Dogs, The Quireboys, Tattoed Love Boys, Soho Roses, ..........


Jack Ponti

(to come)

When I was a teenager I got into Metal. 

My eldest Brother said to me that it was "just a phase". Well, over 20 years later, I still LOVE it. Mostly I love the bands I first fell in love with, but I still discover new bands and like some of the current crop. Bands linke Slipknot who bring something new, for instance. But as I get older I like less and less new bands - basically because I have heard it all before. As a kid I heard the second generation of bands copying off the first and adding new twists along with the first generation still continuing. I don't care much for the third genereation copying the copyers. So I guess I was in a privileged position of being  there for the early years of some genres such as Thrash Metal, Alternative Metal etc. I heard bands like Metallica develop and Faith No More offer something new. I saw the biggest new 80's bands liike Skid Row break into the scene and saw new styles materialise - I remember seeing Nine Inch Nails (I already loved Pretty Hate Machine) play in front of a hostile audience at Wembley supporting Guns N Roses. The crowd didn't consider them "Metal", I wonder what they think now. Metal is a broad church and I love lots of it.

Some old 80's Metal albums that have recently been


junkyard band4
Little caesar1

My Metal Band pages so far:

My Favourite "metal" songs

- mostly "Hair Metal/80's metal"

No particular order:


Dear Mr President - Hey Daddy Have You Ever Been Arrested?

Every Mother's Nightmare - Long Haired Country Boy

Junkyard - Simple Man

Babylon A.D.  - Sally Danced

Big House - L.A.

Faster Pussycat - No Room For Emotion

Aerosmith - F.I.N.E

Vain - No Respect

L.A. Guns - One More Reason

Little Caesar - I Wish It Would Rain

Noiseworks - Take Me Back

Nelson - (Can't Live Without Your) Love & Affection

Damn Yankees - Coming Of Age

Skin N Bones - Resurrection Love

Tigertailz - Livin Without You

Briar - It's Illegal, It's Immoral, It's Unhealthy (But It's Fun)

Dirty Tryx - Die For Me

Heartbreak Angels - Shoot You Down

Sweet Addiction - All I Wanted To Do

Asphalt Ballet - Tuesday's Rain

The Four Horsemen - Back In Business Again

Loverboy - Break It To Me Gently

Roxx Gang - no Easy Way Out

Pat Benatar - All Fired Up

Nuclear Valdez - Summer

Giant - I'm A Believer

Bad English - Forget Me Not

Lita Ford - Kiss Me Deadly

Mammoth - All The Days

Smashed Gladys - 17 Goin On Crazy

Poison - Look What The Cat Dragged In

L.A. Guns - Vampire

Lillian Axe - My Number

Bang Tango - Someone Like You

Bad English - Forget Me Not

Johnny Diesel & The Injectors - Soul Revival

Little Caesar - Midtown

Guns N Roses - Patience

Racer X - Heart Of A Lion

The Black Crowes - She Talks To Angels

Cats In Boots - Shotgun Sally

Gun - Better Days

No Sweat - Heart & Soul

D*A*D - Sleeping My Day Away

The Quireboys - Mayfair

Enuff Z Nuff - New Thing

Spread Eagle - Switchblade Serenade

The Quireboys - Mayfair

White Lion - Hungry

Skid Row - Forever

Poison - Life Loves A Tragedy

Beggars & Thieves - No More Broken Dreams

Extreme - Mutha Don't Wanna Go To School Today

Dangerous Toys - Scared

David Lee Roth - Damn Good

Bonfire - Ready 4 Reaction