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Rarities and releases:


Vain were not a band to release B' sides, EPs or contribute to Soundtracks.

So, it's easy to get all their official releases (though some may be a bit expensive). Later releases are available from daivyvain.com and ALL are recommended. The sound changed little, maybe a little more bluesy after the first 2 albums, but recent album "Enough Rope" is back to the old sound. Even the unreleased 2nd album 'All those Strangers' is now available and far better quality than those dodgy bootlegs!


The only rarities are the demos.

But even most of the songs on those eventually got recorded for one album or another. (some of the songs recorded for their 3rd and 4th albums were demoed for their debut album!) Also, most of the Roadcrew demo songs later appeared on Vain albums.


However, here is a list of songs that I know about that have never had an official release:


'No Tears For You' (circa No Respect)

'Walk Away' (circa No Respect)

(NOW released on the Japanese version of Enough Rope)

'Deliver The Passion' (circa No Respect)

'Ain't Heaven Made' (circa No Respect)

'Out 4 No. 1' (circa No Respect? - sound very early & heavy)

'Hot Rock' (circa No Respect? - sounds very early & heavy)


Hopefully these unreleased songs may see the light of day on an official release some day, Davy?


My favourite 3 songs from each Vain album:



No Respect



Love Drug

Planet's Turning

Freak Flag



Crumpled Glory

Ticket Out'A Here


Holdin' On

Quick Step To Love

Dee Dee


Push Me Over




Running On Empty

On The Line

Lie For Love



Triple X





Vain, a hard rocking Glam/Sleaze band from San Fransisco. Named afeter their lead singer and chief songwriter Davy Vain, they unfortunately arrived towards the end of the 80's Metal phenomenon. Which is a shame, as it meant that a band that should have sold as many millions as their peers are little more than a cult band now.

Surprisingly, they are still touring and recording and have always had a pretty consistent line-up. And unlike many of their peers, their albums have been consistently good throughout their career AND they continue to ROCK, no mellowing with age.

Plus they are great musicians - with many influences obviously outside Metal - and have one of the best glam/sleaze singers there ever was.

vain fade
vain in
vain line
vain logo
vain move
vain no
vain strangers
vain demo
vain roadcrew

Did You Know?

                 Davy Vain has been a producer for many years and has produced bands like thrash metallers Death Angel and even engineered Christina Aguilera!


So what do they sound like?

They are sleazy like Roxx Gang and L.A. Guns, Glam like Pretty Boy Floyd, but with TWO guitarists they are also heavy like Skid Row, Bluesy like Rock City Angels.....

And in Davy Vain, have a first class frontman, as charismatic, eye catching and knowledgeable as Prince (surely an influence on the slower numbers?).

There was never anything lightweight about Vain. Get past the "pretty boy image", they are a serious rock band.

Top Left:: early Vain demo,



Below left: a 'side project' called Roadcrew, photo (featuring Steven Adler (ex - Guns N Roses) on drums. Some of these tracks have finally appeared on "Enough Rope"

Vain enough rope