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Terry Hall

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My absolute favourite

Terry Hall songs:


The Specials -

Too Much Too Young (live)

The Specials - Ghost Town

The Specials - Friday Night, Saturday Morning


Fun Boy three -

Tunnel Of Love

Fun Boy Three - The Things We Do

Fun Boy Three - Our Lips Are Sealed


The Colourfield - Thinking Of You

The Colourfield - Castles In The Air


Vegas - Possessed


Terry Hall - Forever J

fun boy three
fun boy three2
terry hall
terry hall collection
terry hall forever
terry hall vegas
the specials

Terry Hall is an unsung genius of British Pop. How many great bands does he need to be in before he gets recognised? How many classic songs must he write? Well, more we hope....

Terry Hall - Unsung Genius.


Of course, his fans know about his genius, it's just that the wider public prefer to worship untalented, vain, media-concocted, X-Factor karaoke stars. Rather than risk being moved by genuine talent.

I am not ready to put him in the same class as Springsteen or Bowie. I do not possess too many of his albums compared to some artists but, wow , how many great songs has he been a part of? Songs that move me....


Terry Hall has always been a "Pop" star, rather than a "rock" star. He always wrote and sung pop songs. Before "Pop" became a dirty word. Before "pop" meant 'kids music'. "Pop" is short for popular, and in the 1980's, Terry Hall was in some of the biggest pop bands in Britain. And he collaborated with other pop stars such as Bananarama. He also wrote with Jane Wiedlin of the Go Go's and Ian Broudie of The Lightning Seeds.


Some of the songs were political, some were love songs, some discussed difficult social issues.


Oh, how I wish pop bands these days wrote songs like this.

Remember, this was pop music once. The likes of Pulp and Blur did this later on - but they were still back in the 1990's. Where are these types of bands today?

A beginner's guide.

The Collection is the best Terry Hall compilation so far.







It misses out some great songs and ends before Vegas and his solo years, but it is the best until we have a 2cd ultimate collection.

And I didn't even mention: 'Enjoy Yourself', 'Gangsters', and 'A Message To You Rudie'

by The Specials;

'Summertime', 'Well Fancy That', and 'We're Having All The Fun' by Fun Boy Three;

and 'Windmills Of Your Mind' by The Colourfield.