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An Irish band from the late 80's and early 90's who, despite being on a major label, never made it outside their native land.

I had a great holiday in Ireland once where I picked up some of their rarer releases. Never try cycling with a 12" on your handlebars if you want to keep it in pristine condition!

Another band with great lyrics, a variety of styles and no end of good tunes. They no longer record new stuff. Their lead singer, Tom Dunne, is now a DJ on Irish radio and the band still play gigs sometimes - but only in Ireland. Well, that's where they were most loved after all.








I'd recommend their Best Of as a starter. Especially as it has some fantastic sleevenotes about each song. It's called "The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves"!

SH band
SH band 2

Something Happens!

My favourite Something Happens! songs:


Beach - "girl in the black dress, takes it off"

Incoming - How many war songs did they do?

Burn Clear - A big bassline, like early New Model Army

Be My Love - I love the sleeve notes in the Best Of about this song. An acoustic unrequited masterpiece.

Both Men Crying - A disection of the end of a relationship - "When did I come to just be standing in your way"


What Now - "Words come easy, I can't give them respect, I put so little into them, and then watch the effect" I once quoted this, and she didn't believe it could come from me....

Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello (Petrol) - So why is it called petrol? And why didn't Radio 1 play it?

Brand New God - Huge bass line, great lyrics.


Stuck together With God's Glue (B side of What Now) There's something just dirty about this song.


Daisyhead - The moment they matured into great songwriters. A song about the graves of WWII - though it took me a while to realise as much!

Momentary Thing (acappella version - Bonus hidden track on the album) - Later made into a song proper, but I just love the emotion in this version.



Fataler Femmes - a lush sweeping song

70's Wedding - "The music is crap, and

the clothes do your head in"

God Awful Complications - another

dreamy acoustic based song

Heart Of A Diver - I love the dynamics to

this song. The way it builds, then drops off effortlessly.

Are You My Girl - This is the album where they nailed the sweeping mature pop song.


These Are Not My Friends - A last big rock out, and they were done.

What do they sound like? They started off as a post-punk leaning rock band with a pop feel. They became a pop-rock mainstream act that the mainstream didn't notice. Laterly they wrote some sublime pop songs that hardly anybody got to hear, but you can if you go looking!

Imagine the invention and commerciality of James, but with a more Rock N Roll upbringing.

Tom Dunne has recorded a "NEW" SONG, a duet with Emm Gryner called 'Troublesome'. It is on her album of duets 'Gemm & I'

Gemm has also recorded the Something Happens! song 'Forget Georgia' on her Irish covers album 'Songs Of Love And Death'