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An Irish band from the late 80's and early 90's who, despite being on a major label never made the impression they should have.

Then again, how many Irish bands (other than U2) made it outside their native land?

They had everything: youth, energy, coolness, the songs - so what went wrong?

Their debut (Immigrants Emmigrants & Me) was written when singer/songwriter Craig Walker was only 17 and soundtracks his teen years and became the soundtrack to mine. The songs from this era were mostly fast and straightforward post-punk songs, sometimes with a hint of the guitar scrawl of Pixies and Shoegazing.  The follow up (2 Hell With Common Sense) expanded their sound and was definately more mature, without losing their initial appeal. Plus it included some stunning singles, but it wasn't quite as good overall.

Then, unfortunately, the sound changed, and the songs were not as good either. They were "big in Japan", releasing Japan only albums, but there was little fire in these songs and nothing nearing those early heady days. I bought all the releases but was always disappointed.

Throughout, ypical lyrical concerns were relationships, religion & death and social stuff (but mostly the first two or three)


Later most of POD reformed as Pharmacy, releasing just the one (very good) EP. Then they disappeared, Craig Walker later appearing briefly as a vocalist in Archive.


In 2010, Power of Dreams Reformed!!! and Toured!!

A Best Of was released with new song '1989' included.

There is an excellent POD blog site out there with some really cool people attached - I'll include a link soon.

Power Of Dreams

What do they sound like?

Well they started as a distorted guitar usual late 80's early 90's indie band - So think of The Wedding Present and Catherine Wheel, but think of the driving bass lines of these groups along with better vocals.

The debut was obviously written on acoustic guitar, but with thrashed out chords - then the electric guitar and rest of instruments added. The next album was more diverse and as a result, less songwriter-orientated, more of a band effort. So think Sugar, Venus Beads, My Vitriol, ....

After that, they were in my opinion a pale immitation of their former selves.

pod 1

My absolute favourite POD Songs:


The Jokes On Me

Had You Listened


Never Told You

100 Ways To Kill A Love


You Make Me Feel

I'm With You

A Little Piece Of God (2nd version)



There I Go Again

Slow Down




Recommended Rarities:


Cancer (Claustrophobia Mix)


Pharmacy EP (Post POD Craig Walker band)

Immigrants, Emmigrants & Me was

re-released in 2010 with a full disk of bonus tracks: B sides, Japan only B sides, vinyl only releases etc... But it's currently SOLD OUT!! Here's the link: