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Possum Dixon


Possum Dixon: So what did they sound like?

They were an alternative/indie band from the USA. I don't know exactly where they were from but they sounded like they SHOULD have been from the college town of Boston. Though they were possibly from New York (Wikipedia)?

But their post-punk stripped down sound with noisy blasts of chaos, thrashed piano interludes and strong melodies brought to mind the spirit of The Violent Femmes, The Pixies and The Modern Lovers.

The fast songs were short sharp New Wave for the early 1990's - with a real tension perfectly captured on their almost perfect debut album.

The slower songs were moody and dark, like REM on a bad trip.

Here was a band that SHOULD have been remembered by more than the few. I saw them at the Reading Festival (1st album) in a tent where (if my memory serves me correctly) they had a double bass and played lots of Madonna covers - they were brilliant.

I guess they are "MY" Violent Femmes - if you like ' Add It Up' buy the self titled Possum Dixon album and go on from there.







The trouble with "commenting" on any band is that we, as fans, know little of the band. According to Wikipedia, the lead singer and main songwriter (Zabrecky) suffered the loss of his wife to depression between the 1st and 2nd album. Supposedly in-band substance abuse and songwriting opportunity lead to O' Sullivan leaving - which is a shame as all of the above had a negative effect on the band which would eventually damage their chances of making it.







This no doubt accounts for the darker 2nd album.


The third album features several previously unheard of external co-song writers (Jane Wiedlin being the most famous). And perhaps this explains why the band we once knew and loved are not quite what they once were..







I would recommend their albums in chronological order. Possum Dixon's early EPs were not great, their debut album was wonderful, then they steadily declined from there

Possum Dixon rarities:


A common B side from their first album is a cover of 'For Your Love' - and a good one too.

The demo of 'Nerves' shows that a song played too slow just isn't exciting.

'Damn The Rainbow' is an unreleased 1st album track that would have fitted onto their first release quite happily. However, their are TWO versions - and it is the Demo version(2.51) that is far more exciting.

'Here She Comes' is an old B'side re-recorded for the Extra Tracks EP.



Sunshine Or noir? EP

First track is 'Farewll My Lovely' Which is not on the album. Nor is 'Nameless' - another track from the Star Maps sessions. Plus there is a live version of 'In Buildings'.


In 1996 they released "A Tropic Of Celso"EP which featured the unreleasd songs: Bathroom (back to their early punky-New Wave stripped down feel) plus acoustic versions of some of their faster songs off the 2nd album. Finally 'Overiding' is another unreleased  2nd album song - and again closer to their looser harder first album sound.


My Absolute Favourite Possum Dixon songs:



In Buildings

Watch The Girl Destroy Me

We're All Happy



Radio Comets

General Electric


Holding (Lenny's Song)

Only In The Summertime








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