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Paw - Rare stuff:


Nasty Pope 7" vinyl releases:

These were independent releases before the major label deal and feature different recordings of tracks that later appeared on Dragline. There's little to tell between them, they are slightly more raw and loose than the later recordings with some slightly different (and more disturbing) lyrics to Lolita.

Sleeping Bag/Hard Pig

Lolita/One More Bottle


In 1998 Keep The Last Bullet For Yourself was released on Outlaw Records. Featuring B sides, covers and session tracks. It featured a few songs not available elsewhere. Including a cover of Nirvana's 'School'. This has to be one of the hardest CDs to find!


Jessie CD Singles: I have THREE different ones

The first has only album tracks as B sides.

The Second features 'Gasoline', 'Slow Burn' and 'The Bridge' as BBC Radio 1 Session tracks.

The Third (a digipack) has 'Jessie (acoustic version)' and 'I Know Where You Sleep' as B sides.

'Jessie' (acoustic) - there's a nice touch where Hennessey sings about several other dogs towards the end of the song.


Two more tracks from the BBC sessions are avaialble on the 12" reissue of Jessie: 'Pansy' and 'Sleeping Bag'.


Cowpoke is a bonus track on some versions of 'Death To Traitors' that is worth finding if you can. It's an acoustic based number.


The SWF soundtrack features Paw's version of Cheap Trick's 'Surrender'.




What do they sound like?

Because they were about in the early 90's they got lumped in with the "Grunge" bands. But they sounded NOTHING like Seattle!

Sure there was a certain grungey-heaviness to their sound, but they were NOT "Grunge".

However, there are similarities to bands like Nirvana - the whole loud quiet thing, but only if Nirvana loved Southern Rock - bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd. That Southern sound and the ability to go from pleasant acoustic bits to a deafening ROAR! meant that they fell between the "Metal" and "Alternative" stools - too heavy for the indie kids, too wierd for the Metallers. But the 90's was a time of mixing genres so, why not?

Oh, and there was THAT VOICE - Mark Hennessy was an amazing singer, with a really huge voice.

Plus the lyrics and stories told were intense and heartfelt - these guys get under your skin.

Dragline (1993) was a harsh, heavy album, Death To Traitors (1995) was slightly more laid back but could still reach the intense levels of the debut. In 2000 Paw returned with Home Is A Strange Place, a mini album that wasn't up to the quality of their other two albums, with Naiad being the stand out track.

My absolute favourite Paw Songs:



The Bridge

One More Bottle



I Know Where You Sleep

Suicide Shift


Hope I Die Tonight


Last One

Death To Traitors











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Paw band 3
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Paw dragline
Home is a strange place