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In 2010 New Model Army celebrated their 30th anniversary. I have followed them since about 1989 and have bought absolutely everthing they have released - and a fair bit they haven't!

They are the soundtrack to my life.

They are a difficult and uncompromising band. They don't ft into any specific genre (incorporating Punk, Metal, Folk and Hard Rock influences) and they keep evolving their sound. Justin Sullivan's lyrics are the best I have ever read and are the closest that lyrics get to poetry.

NMA Anthology
NMA Logo

New Model Army -

30+ years without compromise

My Absolute Favourite NMA songs (Chronologically):


- Betcha (independent  Years)

- Christian Militia (independent  Years)

- A Liberal Education (Live 12" B Side "bootleg") (All Of This  Live Rarities)

- Vengeance  (independent  Years)

- Smalltown England  (independent  Years)


- I Wish (Radio Sessions)

- The Cause (Radio Sessions)


- Better Than Them (No Rest)

- No Greater Love (No Rest)

- Drag It Down (No Rest)

- The Attack (No Rest)

- Trust (B sides & Abandoned tracks)

- Brave New World 2 (B sides & Abandoned tracks)


Poison Street (Ghost Of Cain)

Lovesongs (Ghost Of Cain)

Courage (B sides & Abandoned tracks)

 - 225 (Thunder & Consolation)

- Green & Grey (Thunder & Consolation)

- Ballad Of Bodmin Pill (Thunder & Consolation)

- Family (Thunder & Consolation)

- Vagabonds (Thunder & Consolation)

- Nothing Touches (Thunder & Consolation)


- Space (Impurity)

- Purity (Impurity)

- Marrakesh (Impurity)

- Eleven Years (Impurity)

- Prison (B sides & Abandoned tracks)

- Far Better Thing (History)

- Waiting (Live version - B Side of Get Me Out)


- White Light (Love of Hopeless Causes)

- Afternoon Song (Love of Hopeless Causes)

- Bad Old World (Love of Hopeless Causes)

 - Aimless Desire (Strange brotherhood)


- Tales Of The Road (unreleased live acoustic version) - Justin Sullivan

- Ghost Train - Justin Sullivan (Red Sky Coven Volumes 1&2)

- One Bullet - Justin Sullivan (Red Sky Coven volume 3 )



- Flying Through The Smoke (Eight)

- You Weren't There (Eight)

- Leeds Road 3am (Eight)


- Red Earth (Carnival)

- Fireworks Night (Carnival)


- One Of The Chosen (High)

- High (HIGH)


- Autumn (Today is a good day)

Complete NMA & associated Discography (unofficial):

Each NMA song, its meaning and where to find it (unofficial):

The Official NMA website:

Versions with extra verses/diffrerent lyrics

- Aimless Desire - extra verse on Red Sky Coven Volume 1

- Vengeance - extra verse on ...& Nobody Else

- Drummy B (Original lyrics) on bootleg from Oxford pre-Love Of Hopeless Causes, secret gig.

Rare NMA songs you may not know, but should:


 - One Bullet - a dark acoustic story (Justin Sullivan solo song from Red Sky Coven 3 CD)

 - Stoned Fired And Full Of Grace (JS acoustic solo song from RSC 5 CD)

 - Ghost Train - a really sad but beautiful song about death (JS solo acoustic from RSC volumes 1 & 2 CD)

 - Caslen - the version on the BD3 EP is different from the Strange Brotherhood era version. This one has words added!!

 - Masters Of War - a Dylan cover on the JS & Friends Tales Of The Road CD

 - Who Had Questions For The Dead? - JS guests vocals (& I guess supplies the lyrics) on a song with This Is Menace on their The Scene Is Dead CD. Very heavy, like TIAGD

 - A Liberal Education (live) - bootleg version put out as a bonus 12" and now All Of This puts it on CD. This is a far better version, slower, more atmospheric and with HUGE drums.

 - Stupid Question (Reggae Version) - from the 12" only of Space

 - The Mermaid Song - once a hidden bonus track, re-released on T&C 2cd remaster, shows NMA had a sense of humour - just wish they'd finished the track!

 - Waiting (Live) - B side of Get Me Out - far, far better than the other live versions - more atmosphere. Not the same as the remaster version or the EP version.


**** Justin Sullivan and Emm Gryner - 'Revolution Don't Roll' - a duet on Emm's 'Gem & I' album from 2010****


Recommended Rare  Extended versions:

Poison Street (Extended Mix)- the original is just a bit too short, so here you can really celebrate.

Get Me Out (12" Mix) only on the 12" and 10" of the single - a very different mix

Lights Go Out (Dub Mix) - rare version only on a 12" of remixes


Other 12" mixes: Lights Go Out, Brave New World, Stupid Questions.......

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