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Kitchens Of Distinction

Cursed with one of the worst names ever in Indie history, and with issues of sexuality that would divide some intolerant Indie fans - it's no wonder this lot never got their just rewards.

Kitchens Of Distinction (or KOD as we will now refer to them) were a rare jem. They didn't fit into any scene - although "Shoegazing" was the nearest - due to their swirling guitars and lack of histrionics on stage.

They had those great driving bass lines and distorted guitars that many bands had in the early 90's. But they sounded different and stood out.

And while some of their songs' topics were mysterious to me, most were relationship songs and descriptions of nights out, true stories and heartbreaks, and possibly The Railway Children too.

Death of Cool
Strabge Free World



 - Hardest to find are their first and last singles.

The 1st: Last Gasp Death Shuffle/Escape!

The Last: Feel My Genie/To Love A Star


'Capsule' - Best of with Bonus rarities disc (2cd version): Not only includes some vinyl only B sides onto CD for the first time. But also includes 4 acoustic versions never previously released.


The 3rd Time We Opened the Capsule EP contains not only a demo of 'The Prize' but also an early version of '4 Men'. And I am not sure which versions I prefer......


Martin Hannett version of Quick As Rainbows (The UK Single version) - is different than the US Version and Album version. Not as good either despite him being a "genius producer".


'Elephantiny' is a piano based version of 'Elephantine'


A side project called Fruit saw Patrick record the album Hark At Her along with at least one EP. Some associated songs can be downloaded at his Stephen Hero website.

Where are they now?

Singer and main songwriter Patrick Fitzgerald now records under the pseudonym 'Stephen Hero'. And I recommend his last couple of albums in particular. But they are piano based and nothing like the swirling guitar cacophony of Kitchens Of Distinction. They are closer to the sound of 'Elephantiny'.


However, he has some exclusive Kitchens Of Distinction Downloads available for FREE on his website!

My absolute favourite Kitchens songs:



'The 3rd Time We Opened The Capsule'





'Quick As Rainbows'


'Drive That Fast'


'What Happens Now'

'4 Men'

'On Tooting Broadway Station'


'Cowboys And Aliens'

'Come On Now'

'Now It's Time To Say Goodbye'

Who do they sound like?

Mix: The Wedding Present, Ride, Power Of Dreams, The Smiths, The Cure, Cocteau Twins...........

Here is the news we have been waiting for: Kitchens Of Distinction have REFORMED! & Recorded a NEW ALBUM!! 

The new 2013 album is called Folly, and this is the first time the band have recorded together for the first time in 19 years (has it really been that long!!)

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