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Junkyard still tour and you can still buy their releases (though no new recordings since Tried & True).


Follow the link below for all things Junkyard.



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My absolute Favourite JUNKYARD songs:


Blooze (Junkyard)

Simple Man (Junkyard)- One of my all-time favourite songs!

Hands Off (Junkyard)


Slippin Away (Sixes, Sevens..)

Clean The Dirt (Sixes, Sevens..)



Hangin Round With My Dreams (XXX)

Don't Give A Damn (XXX)


Tried And True (Joker)

junkyard pull

So what did they sound like? - Sleazy Southern Punk Metal.

Record labels were looking for the next Guns N Roses and Junkyard were one of the bands signed, but they were a different breed. They had a distinct Southern feel to their songs, but were fast and punky as well. Easiest comparison is Every Mother's Nightmare, but Love/Hate and Skid Row have similarities as well (but they didn't have any of the Southern influence).

Think a punked up Lynyrd Skynyrd with really great Sleaze-Metal vocals.

junkyard sixes
Junkyard tried

Junkyard Rarities:






Junkyard only released two official albums (both on Geffen), but in recent years they have made songs available to download that would have been their third (and fourth?) albums:






They are 'XXX' and 'Joker' and can be bought off Amazon (links below) and the band's own site. And each album is at least as good as their 2nd album.

Then there is the 'Tried and True' EP which was released by a new lineup and featured new tracks and some re-recordings.






'Shut Up We're Tryin To Practice' is a live album from back in the day and features the previously unavailable cover of 'Tush'.





'Put It On Ten And Pull The Knobs Off' is a collection of demos for the first two albums and contains yet more previously unreleased songs. It is great to hear the less polished versions of these Geffen era songs.


Sixes, Sevens and Nines has been remastered by Bad Reputation in 2011 and includes EIGHT bonus tracks including some exclusives! they are: 'Too Late To Save Me', 'This Trouble', 'Hallelujah I Love Her So' (an old vinyl only B Side), demos of 'Back On The Streets', 'Give The Devil His Due' and 'Misery Loves Company' and two live tracks: 'Lost Angel' and 'Playin To Win.

junkyard band
junkyard live

 Associated bands:

junkyard now2
Broken Glass
junkyard sucker

Junkyard are still going!!

Brian Baker joined Bad Religion and was replaced by Tim Mosher who previously was the Lead Singer and main songwriter in Broken Glass. Their 'Fast Mean Game' (1990) album is highly recommended and is in a similar vein to Junkyard - it is Southern influenced sleazy Metal.







After Broken Glass he was in the punkier Suckerpunch.


Junkyard's main songwriter was Chris Gates and when Junkyard aren't operating he has his own band 'Chris Gates and Gatesville' which is more in the Southern Rock vein. Their latest album features a re-recording of Junkyard's 'Simple Man' at nearly 9 minutes long! And he often plays some of the Junkyard songs he wrote live today.


Chris Gates music is available on this link and you will recognise some of that Junkyard sound in it.

chris gates
chris gates band