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The Breathless EP is now available again.

This is the Ep that preceeded their debut album.  

Buy it at Townsend Records:






They also have the

Live At Last DVD - a live concert around the time of the 3rd album. For some reason it was released in Black & White?! Anyway, Townsend have this as well now.


Plus they have TWO other Dan Reed exclusive DVDs

Dan Reed Network

So what do they sound like?

The man who introduced me to them (a Mr Johnny Brent (not his real name)) enthused that they were like Bon Jovi meets Prince, when he played me their debut album. And he was right. They had the pop-metal songwriting chops of Bon Jovi and the funk & soul coolness of Prince. Now, this may seem like a grand claim, but Dan Reed Network's first two albums are better than the first two Prince & Bon Jovi albums.


Their third album, after supporting Bon Jovi and The Rolling Stones, should therefore have been HUGE, had to be HUGE - this was their time after all.

I had been crushed half to death seeing them live, with punters queuing round the block at a tiny club - they were the next big thing, everybody said so....... . But it wasn't to be, they failed and they split up.


A huge part of it was that Dan Reed cut his hair. This may sound insignificant now. But he was the poster boy, a good looking guy with long hair. Just look at all the pictures. One day he decided that he shouldn't be judged by this, shaved off alll his hair and expected to be accepted for the great songwriter and artist that he was. Unfortunately, the world does not work like that, people are superficial in their tastes - they like their stars to look the part, and sales suffered. Plus the album was at least 4 songs too long and had too much filler.


After a few years in the wilderness, Dan Reed released a solo album 'Adrenalin Sky' which wasn't up to DRN standards. He then disappeard again for some time. He re-surfaced in 2009 with the acoustic based album 'Coming Up For Air' - and in 2013 came the slightly rockier 'Signal Fire' both are great albums.


He is constantly touring, doing small acoustic shows and full band shows mixing old and new songs. Dan Reed is back! And that's a good thing, because the world needs him.


There was even a one-off Dan Reed Network reunion at the end of 2012!









My Absolute Favourite Dan Reed Network & Dan Reed songs:


World Has A Heart Too (DRN)

Ritual (DRN)

Halfway Around The World (DRN)


Slam (SLAM)

Cruise Together (SLAM)

Seven Sisters Road (SLAM)


Mix It Up (Mix It Up)

Salt Of Joy (Mix It Up)

Long Way To Go (Mix It Up)


Living With A Stranger (B side of 'Baby Now I' - VINYL ONLY!)


On Your Side (Coming Up For Air)


She's Not You (Acoustic sessions DVD)


Signal Fire (Signal Fire)

Avalanche (Signal Fire)

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Dan reed
dan reed acoustic
dan reed adrenaline
dan reed air
drn breathless
drn get
drn heat
drn mix
drn slam
drn star

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Dan Reed Network released a number of B sides that were never available anywhere else. Some were no more than early demos, others songs missed off the album they were recorded for. Other than 'Living With A Stranger', most are not essential. But interesting to us fans. There are also a multitude of remixes of certain tracks - some better than others, but again none are essential.


The Live At Last double CD features THREE unreleased songs: 'Color This Hour', 'Woman' and 'Takin' It To The Streets'. This is very hard and expensive to find. As is the Dan Reed 'Adrenalin Sky' album (a more "Grungey" sounding album). There are of course more Dan Reed hard to find items - follow the links for more details.

There are also demos available on line of the proposed

4th Dan Reed Network album. It is interesting listening.


Dan released the song 'I Don't Mind' on the Rock For Japan compilation. And the song 'Swept Away' for the Songs For Sandy Hook compilation. There is also a collection of Signal Fire era demos available from Pledge Music.