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Cop Shoot Cop

My absolute favourite Cop Shoot Cop songs:


'Ambulance Song'

"When your heart is full of winter, and your days become like living in a lie, and the clouds outside your bedroom window pane resemble crippled children limping slowly across the sky"


'Any Day Now'

"One of these days I'll sell my soul and let them find out what they bought"


'Surprise Surprise'

"It's okay to kill in the name of democracy, And dictators are swell if they like the smell of American money"




'Hung Again'

"I swear that i'd give up the drink

 I could find a better way to get drunk"


'If Tomorrow Ever Comes'


'It Only Hurts When I Breathe'


'Room 429'

- see entire lyrics elsewhere on this page


'Corporate Protopop'





So what do they sound like? - Like nobody else!

I'd call their sound "Industrial" but not like NIN or Ministry - they weren't a synthesiser based band.

They had no guitar player for much of their recordings (how many bands can you say that about?); TWO bass players (One "Low end" and one "high end"); samples; a drummer who played lots of metal objects; occasional horns; and a singer who snarled rather than sung.

If off-kilter bands like Helmet, Tool, deus, Killing Joke, Faith No More etc...... don't scare you

- this lot just might.

Cop 1
Cop 2
Cop white
cop 3
cop consumer
cop release

Cop Shoot Cop Rarities - a brief guide:


Headkick Facsimile cassette - an early cassette only mini-album that pre-dates Consumer Revolt


Johnny Mnemonic soundtrack (1995) features an unreleased Cop Shoot Cop song - 3am Incident probably from the Release sessions?


EP's - there were a several EPs that had unreleased tracks on them - none are as good as the album tracks though. However, the live version of Shine On Elizabeth is worth finding.


Red Expendables - After Cop Shoot Cop split, their last recordings were released as the Red Expendables along with a few tracks that didn't feature Tod Ashley (who left to form Firewater). This incarnation sounds quite different to Cop Shoot Cop, much more mainstream and the vocals are completely different - overall it reminded me several times of the Stone Temple Pilot's first album.


Further details and the best Cop Shoot Cop discography can be found at this link.









"What you don't understand is where everything's leading

When all of the signs you see still point to overload

As you reach out your hand, a shattered picture's receding

Like tail-lights along that lonesome stretch of broken road

'Cause you've been to the past and it's just a reminder

A recollection of faces that will never come to call

When you've cut through the mask

When you've been through the grinder

Sometimes you forget that you had ever been there at all

Up here in room 429

yeah the world ain't so unkind

I want to take you to that empty room tonight

In the shadow of doubt, in the crush of an instant

Standing in the rain outside my door hand on your knife

When you reach a brick wall, there is still a decision

Always thought if I had to lose I'd surely choose my life

Up here in room 429

yeah the world ain't so unkind

I want to take that empty room tonight

We'll tell the world outside the door

That we aint never coming back no more

I want to stay in here til we turn off the night

Til we turn off the night

City breathes so softly, everything is sleeping

I am at the window silently watching

I can see you standing alone against the winter

I can hear hear you asking but the streets they are not giving

Don't look to the ocean, restless in its dreaming

Dont look to the heavens for they will tell you nothing

If living is for learning then dying is forgetting

Once we have forgotten the we can go on living

In a lifetime of hope, in a second of kindness

There is never a doubt that we are born and die alone

From within or without there's no way they can find us

When they knock at the door the lights are on but we ain't home"


Lyrics copyright 1993 Subvert Entertainment


Cop Shoot Cop

Room 429


Follow this link to their website where you will find:

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