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Bon Jovi

My Favourite Bon Jovi B Sides:

Good Guys Don't Always Wear White (also on the boxset - Crossroads era)

Starting All Over Again (Bed Of Roses French CD single and UK cassingle B Side - NOT Box Set version! The box set version is a DEMO, this version is much better - Keep The Faith era)

Edge Of A Broken Heart (also on the boxset, Could have made the album - Slippery era)

Borderline (Slippery era)

Runaway (live and acoustic) (Slow version with a long spoken intro, - Crush era)

I Don't Want To Live Forever (Crush era and basically the riff from Blood On Blood recycled)

When She Comes - (a really nice groove to this, very un-BJ - These Days era)



My All-Time Favourite top 5 Bon Jovi tracks:

I Believe

Blood On Blood

Save A Prayer

Wild In The Streets

Wild Is The Wind



Richie Sambora (The Unsung Hero)

Richie has released three solo albums to date, the first and third being the best.

My favourite two tracks are:

"Every Road Leads Home To You" (Aftermath On The Lowdown)

"Ballad Of Youth" (Stranger In This Town)

Stranger In This Town also features an excellent unreleased Bon Jovi song : ("Rosie").


Box Set Tracks Worth Buying

If you don't want to shell out on th ewhole box set - here are my selected highlights:


(let me trawl through them again and get back to you...)

 - They introduced me to Metal (no, seriously!).

 - They were the first band I became an obsessive collector of (B sides etc..).

 - They wrote so many good songs in the 80's that they gave away some songs to other bands - these songs were better songs than most bands could write themselves.

 - They hid away great songs on B sides.

 - They didn't even officially release some really good songs (you have to get the bootlegs).

 - They were brilliant live.

 - They released a string of great albums, more than most bands manage.

 - They always play "greatest hits" sets - how many times do you want to hear those songs?

 - They play awful cover versions (Shout etc) when they could play Tokyo Road or other early/album tracks.

 - Jon now considers Bon Jovi to be a "business" and has said as much in recent interviews.

 - Jon cannot sing well live - he has this terrible nasal whine!

 - They haven't released a decent album since These Days (and yes, I have them all).

 - They have erased Alec John Such from history (checkout the photos on the recent 7800 remaster).

 - They won't release their videos (except for the dogs breakfast that is their greatest hits).

 - The "Lost Highway" album.

 - They keep putting out live B sides rather than unreleased songs

 - They keep re-issuing albums and all they put on them are (more) live tracks when there are still so many unreleased songs.

 - Jon still tries to be Springsteen but his lyrics are nowhere near. ("I am broken like an arrow", "what is the distance between a bullet and a gun"....)!!!!

 - They've not written a decent ballad since Bed Of Roses, and yet they keep releasing these mawkish offerings as singles.

 - Jon and Richie have "Hollywood smiles" and "Hollywood eyes" for that matter nowadays. Surgery? Surely not. Not that I really care but is botox classed as surgery? I don't care how you look guys, just how you sound.

Songs they gave away or co-wrote: (to be completed)


Aldo Nova, Alice Cooper, Kane Roberts, Billy Falcon, Jet Red, Gorky Park, Saints And Sinners, Bonfire,



My Favourite Bon Jovi songs chronologically:



Shot Through The Heart

Get Ready


The Price Of Love

Tokyo Road


Social Disease

Raise Your Hands

I'd Die For You

Wild In The Streets

Edge Of A Broken Heart


Born To Be My Baby

Blood On Blood

Wild Is The Wind

99 In the Shade


I Believe

Keep The Faith

In These Arms

Dry County

Save A Prayer

Starting All Over Again (B side version, NOT Box Set version)

Good Guys Don't Always Wear White


Something To Believe In



After this, I can name a few songs that I quite like but none are as good as tracks that didn't make the above list. So I can't really list them.

The Circle was a vast improvement though!

Bon Jovi early
Bon Jovi roses
bonjovi money


Bon Jovi


Bon Jovi


 Slippery When Wet -

 Dual Disc version


This seems to have

slipped under many

people's radars. It is

not just for audiophiles

 - there is something VERY SPECIAL about this edition of your favourite Bon Jovi album!


The DVD side of the disc has the original album remastered, some parts mixed differently AND many original parts of songs PUT BACK IN!! This is ONLY available on this version of the album - not on any other remaster.

This means that six songs are noticeably longer. 'Livin On A Prayer' is a whole minute longer and 'Raise Your Hands' has an extra 40 seconds added, 'Never Say goodbye' is 35+ seconds longer.


So what? Well you get to hear new versions of your favourites: 'Livin On A Prayer' has a longer moodier intro and 'Raise Your Hands' has extra ad-libs by Jon at the end.


It's far better than hearing yet another live version. Highly recommended