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Some recently added pages to my site:

What is this site? - Well, it is all about great songs.

Songs that SHOULD have reached No.1 and sold millions worldwide. And about the artists who made them. 

However, it is purely SUBJECTIVE!!

I make no apologies for this. These are not THE "best songs ever", these are MY best songs and artists ever.

My lists, my memories, my emotions

Ever heard the phrase "You cannot choose who you fall in love with"? Well, I think it is the same for bands. Try as you may to like the "new cool band", your heart tells you who you really love.

In time, there will be details about songs, bands, rare releases

and everything you need to find some GREAT music.

That is, if your musical taste is similar to mine.

Otherwise............you're on the wrong site.

But, maybe you'll get some inspiration, a few awakened memories, or the need to go and play YOUR favourite tunes.


(begun 16/1/11) - Over 4 years in!

This site needs a little TLC to get it straight -

& I have launched lostmetalsongs.co.uk

- Please Click the above links. And keep coming back - I am going to put lots more bands & info on the site.


The week I started this site, my local independent record shop closed after rougly 30 years. It had been a while coming to be honest  - but it was still a sad day. I used to work hard as a kid and a teenager to earn money to buy records and tapes. Yes, I traded stuff with friends, but if we really liked something we would buy the original.


It's sad that now people think that they should get something for free just because they can. Some people say they are a fan of a band - but have never bought any of their releases.


Record companies and big chain stores have ripped us off for years but that doesn't mean we should now just take it 'cos we can.

If you don't pay the artist, the artist doesn't get paid. And there will be fewer great bands to care about.


So support your favourite bands and the record labels that deem them worth a risk. Buy the cd or download just like you might buy a concert ticket - you don't steal those do you?


These musicians give us so much more than all the other waste of spaces we have to pay for - so give them their money. And take a pride in paying for something worthwhile.


Also, support your local favourite record store.

They all have wages to pay, mortgages and rates to meet, families to support. Even HMV are closing stores now.

These independent stores often have stuff you can't get anywhere else and at a bargain price.


 - Here are a few of my favourite Record Shops:


Groucho's in Dundee - I love the "cheap" Cd section - I have picked up a few bargains from there! Lots of stock, mostly cds.


X Records in Bolton - HUGE shop, mostly 2nd hand, loads of rare & cheap CD singles, Tons of vinyl (but check the quality first!!) and rare old CD albums. And much of the catalogue can be broused online. But cheaper in store and ALWAYS offers on.


Steel Wheels in Newcastle - Another big shop with vinyl & CDs. Lots of new CDs too. Some good bargains.


Vinyl Exchange in Manchester - Vinyl downstairs can be a bit pricey. CDs get regularly reduced if they don't sell.


The Record Shop in Kings Lynn - Pretty much just Vinyl! All Mint/Ex condition. Not on line - you have to go in & browse.


Kaleidoscope in St Helens - Puts "new" stock out daily. Lots of great 12"s (Cheap section is brilliant for 80's stuff), and all vinyl in Excellent condition. 2nd hand Cds are priced very competitively.

Plus great cheap CD section too.


Europa Music in Stirling - A good selection of second hand CDs, but ask to look at the vinyl in the back room and you will be amazed!


Action Records in Preston - What a great collection of vinyl hidden under all the CD racking! Plus, what a fantastic collection of CDs - Really good cross section and specialist collection. Plus loads of 2nd hand bargains. Vinyl is all in excellent condition too.


Cob Records in Portmadog - a HUGE collection of 2nd hand CDs and tones of digipacks/ltd editions too.


Currently Playing:



Lloyd Cole - why is Morrisey seen as a genius while Cole is not? Even bought the Box Set !


Smiths Box Set - still trying to work out what all the fuss was about!


Wonderful new solo album by Jason Isbell - he is now one of my all time favourite songwriters.


House of Love - early stuff.


Springsteen - one day I will finish a page on him


Boy Sets Fire - A Nation Asleep - they return and boy are they still angry.




Concrete blonde

Can anyone name all these bands pictured on this page I wonder?


If you are a lover of browsing musty old records an dusty old CD racks looking for a bargain or a lost gem

- you may identify with this book.

Amazon.co.uk actually have FREE mp3's to download - no catch! And they have some very famous bands included.

Click this link to see!

Don't Steal your Music -

These artists don't steal from you

Paw band 2




How the site works.

I must admit, some of the pages listed across the top are a bit haphazard and need tidying up, expanding etc.


But if you go to the "Fav Bands & Artists" page and click on a name - you will see far better pages. All are meant to be snapshots of a band. None have complete discographies or anything - other sites do that. But if I know a link to one then it will appear on the page.

"Sing for the records you played till they broke, For the parts where you insisted that nobody spoke"


- Pass It Along

by Frank Turner




Paw page