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By lostsongs, Mar 9 2012 05:07PM

Added/Finished some new pages this week: my first hero: Adam And The Ants / Adam Ant, country rockers Drive By Truckers & Jason Isbell (they'll have to share a page!), and 90's punks China Drum.

More to come soon.....

By lostsongs, Mar 9 2012 05:02PM

Mick Karn's Dreams Of Reason Produce Monsters - bought for the 2 Sylvian vocal tracks, but there are some other good songs on here. Also the first two Spandau Ballet albums remastered - it seems I can get tired of remixes!! And the newly remastered 2cd version of Nik Kershaw's debut album. It's been a real 80s timewarp this week - and to think, I needn't have bothered tracking down all those old 12"s over the last few years!!

By lostsongs, Mar 3 2012 11:13PM

Tonight I watched Dogs In Space on official DVD for the first time - beats my ancient copy off the TV. This is one of my favourite films. Set in Australia in 1978, based around the punk & alternative scene at the time and starring Michael Hutchence (who it turns out is a very good actor in this role). Great songs, including Shivers by Boys Next Door, one of my all-time favourites, and how I was first introduced to the song. If you like movies that are like one long promo video with little plot, but lots of talking (imagine Diner set in Australia during the punk movement) then this is for you. it is funny and moving. And has at last been remastered onto DVD with lots of extras - but you have to buy it from Australia! Wikipedia references Trainspotting and 24 Hour Party People - yes and yes.....If you like those, you may like this.

By lostsongs, Feb 29 2012 11:07PM

Davy Jones (British) lead singer of the American band The Monkees died today. I grew up with the Monkees on Childrens TV (repeats during the 70s & 80s). I LOVED the Monkees. I saw no difference in them to The Beatles back then. To me it was all just good music. I still love the Monkees for that same reason. Their songs were great (whoever wrote them), their performances were great, and in the end they were so much more talented than so many of the manufactured pop bands of today (even if they were manufactured back in the day). Davy Jones had a great voice - listen to Daydream Believer and you will hear it. David Bowie was christened David Jones, but changed his name because there was already a successful Davy Jones out there. So, Davy, rest in peace And if you want to hear what all the fuss was about - listen to "Shades Of Gray" - a brilliant song Davy sung.

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