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The Real best Of - Q magazine May 2012

By lostsongs, Apr 7 2012 11:28PM

Not a big fan of Q, but I pick it up from time to time if it looks interesting. This month has a "real Best Of" of various big bands and I have to say it is in line with my Lost Songs approach - here it is 10 tracks that are the "REAL" best of - not necessarily the hits. Obviously it is all subjective, but spooky how so many of my "forgotten/unloved" tracks are in the top 10 of artists like the Manics, Bowie, Springsteen and Madonna......though I am afraid they have got Oasis ALL WRONG - the glory was in the early B sides not the later album tracks!

Nice little edition though - should have been bigger - would make a good website....wait a minute....lostsongs.co.uk

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