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By lostsongs, Jun 22 2012 09:18PM

It's Bowie Night on BBC4 - always seem to forget what a genius he was/is. I am doing a page about him...but it's early days. Saw him once in Manchester - what a performer!

Also picked up NME's 100 Greatest Songs of it's lifetime today. It has Bowie's "Heroes" at No.3

These things always cause debate, but I think they've done a pretty good job. Always reminds you about the genius of a song you've not heard for a while.

By lostsongs, May 22 2012 07:01PM

I am told that today is officially the start of Summer. Amazingly it has been really warm outside today and actually felt like Summer. It's funny how the weather effects the music you want to listen to. the last few warm days I have been playing my usual Summer favourites: 90's Hip Hop, Hair Metal and The Stone Roses. An eclectic mix I know, but they all sound best on a warm summers day. Must finish that "Songs Of Summer" list..............

By lostsongs, Apr 21 2012 10:38PM

Saw the band Goodbye To All That do their first gig in 3 years tonight. New songs sounded good, I am looking forward to hearing the new album which i bought. 'To My Only Daughter' is still the Christmas No.1 that never was. If only they could get Sir Cliff or Chris de Burgh to sing it............

By lostsongs, Apr 7 2012 11:28PM

Not a big fan of Q, but I pick it up from time to time if it looks interesting. This month has a "real Best Of" of various big bands and I have to say it is in line with my Lost Songs approach - here it is 10 tracks that are the "REAL" best of - not necessarily the hits. Obviously it is all subjective, but spooky how so many of my "forgotten/unloved" tracks are in the top 10 of artists like the Manics, Bowie, Springsteen and Madonna......though I am afraid they have got Oasis ALL WRONG - the glory was in the early B sides not the later album tracks!

Nice little edition though - should have been bigger - would make a good website....wait a minute....lostsongs.co.uk

By lostsongs, Mar 23 2012 11:28PM

Who is Bruce Springsteen?

I recently met a very nice young person (probably early 20's) who had never heard of Bruce Springsteen. "Is he pre-1991?" She asked?

I said something about probably the 2nd best selling Amerrican artist of the 80s after Michael Jackson - but she looked at me blanckly still. I half expected her to say Michael who?

I guess there is no reason why she should know who Bruce is nor care. But it really brought home to me the generational aspect of music................I will get my Bruce Springsteen page up soon (ish) - maybe she will find it and be a convert..........

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